Het Paviljoen

Het Paviljoen is a meeting place where young positions in the contemporary art field collaborate and present their work within a professional framework. Het Paviljoen houses a project which includes a series of five exhibitions that focuses on the traditional division between form and content, space and context. As an architectural skeleton stripped of its historical function as a waiting room, the glass pavilion has transformed into an empty display case that offers room for imagination and experimentation. Therefore the exhibition series are based on five architectural elements: shape, dimension, configuration, surface and openings. The formal qualities, the non-functionality and the blankness of the space enable us to generate new content, without any prescribed themes or given frameworks. Also, the specificity and historicity of the glass pavilion, which strongly contrasts with the colossal Cloquet building, arouses reflection on the possible meanings of space, architecture and the role of the institute. The alternating ensemble of young artists, writers and curators makes Het Paviljoen a dynamic and unpredictable space with many possibilities for new ideas and collaborations.