Organise your foreign plans step by step

STEP 1: Discuss your plans with your senior lecturer or coordinator. Decide whether it is a good idea to leave, which partner institute is the most interesting for you and which period is the most suitable. Think about the courses that you want to follow abroad and how they fit into your curriculum. If you want to complete a work placement or ‘art in the field of action’ in a different country, your work placement coordinator can give you advice.

STEP 2: Investigate the possibilities and conditions related to an exchange with the partner institutes that interest you. Every partner has its own deadlines for submitting an application. Be sure to check out the procedures on their website. You can find a list of partner institutes and their websites here. Many schools work with an academic calendar that differs from our calendar. View their calendar and investigate whether it is compatible with your own schedule and that of your annual programme.

STEP 3: Make your choice and select a partner institute. Please note that your choice is not yet their choice. The internationalisation department will submit your application together with your portfolio (KASK) or recording (Conservatory). The partner institute decides whether you are accepted or not. They will assess the quality of your portfolio or recording and check whether there is space available within your area of study.

STEP 4: Register online via this link. This registration differs from your application at the partner school or internship workplace. Online registration for a mobility in academic year 2020-21 is possible from 1 February 2020.

For scholarships (Erasmus and others) an important deadline applies. You have to register before 25 March of the academic year preceding the year in which you plan your study or internship abroad. Only then can you win a scholarship and be included in the selection procedure. Registering after this date considerably reduces your chances of obtaining a scholarship.

STEP 5: Print your registration form and contact the student affairs department to follow up your application. Prepare your portfolio or make your recording.

I want to go abroad as a student

Gaining international experience within your study programme is easy at KASK & Conservatory. Since the art field is pre-eminently international, we have an excellent international network with partner institutions and organisations that can help you find your bearings on your artistic path.

During your studies at KASK & Conservatory you can study or do a traineeship abroad for a semester or an entire year. The easiest and most accessible way to do this is via the Erasmus+ programme. You can choose from a list of approved partner institutions. In addition, KASK & Conservatory have several bilateral agreements with institutes outside Europe. Another option to gain some international experience is in the context of a Bachelor or Master's Thesis. The list of our partner institutions and their websites can be found on Chamilo under "studentenaangelegenheden / internationaal".

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